Our offer

We offer:

  • parts of machinery and equipment
  • blanking dies
  • instruments for bending
  • instruments for drawing
  • welding jigs
  • gears
  • regeneration of parts of machinery and equipment
  • tooling for the production of ceramic tiles
  • machining of castings
  • agricultural machinery parts

Our technological capabilities:

  • CNC milling (4 axis) max. 1800x1000x860 mm
  • CNC turning Ø450×900 mm max
  • Electro CNC
  • Jig max 1200x800x700 mm
  • Horizontal boring 1500x1000x900 mm max
  • Conventional milling machines max 2000x700x900 mm
  • Conventional lathes Ø800×1500 mm max
  • Gear cutting
  • Surface grinding max 1500x600x400 mm
  • Grinding machines
  • Cylindrical Grinders
  • Slotting ducts
  • Hydraulic presses of pressures: 30t, 100t, 160t (with the ejector)
  • Eccentric presses pressures: 25t, 60t, 100t
  • Heat treatment of details (hardening, carburizing)